First Prune of the Year

Here is the flatbed trailer stacked high with the vine canes (which is the technical word for grape vine “arms”) we had pruned today.  The vines are dormant and have lost all their leaves, and we prune the plant to help it become as productive as possible again in the spring – the same reasons gardeners prune fruit trees and roses.  We will prune the canes again in a month or so.  Quite a stack, huh?


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  1. The people who work with vineyards have great parental skills–Even when the garden has gone into its resting stage the worker has great hope that the
    vineyard will heal and be better manyana. Surprise like the parents of a
    challenging child who believe the child is going thru a stage the vineyard growers know another season and it will be beautiful–both are right in be-
    lieving in something they love mjp