Spring in the Henhouse

Guest editor “A” working on her blog post.

Please join me in welcoming my first-ever guest editor of the Trueheart Vineyard blog with this post.  Our ten year-old niece, “A” spent the weekend with us and I asked her to write a short story about her stay.  She is a brilliant, creative, funny, kind and wonderful girl (these are just the facts of the matter) who has been visiting “the farm” since she was a baby.  You will be hearing more from her in the coming months and years – both here on our little blog, and in the world.

“Wine is not the only thing going on around at Trueheart. There are many other interesting and funny yet confusing things going on in the chicken coop. We have four new babies, two roosters and two hens.”

“My aunt and uncle let me name them. I named one hen Bumble and the other Sunny. Though we are going to have to give the baby roosters a new home because we have quite too many, I still have named one Colombus and just named the other one Xavier. The reason I gave Colombus his name is because when I was feeding the babies banana he was the first one to come up.”

Courageous baby rooster “Columbus” earns his name.

“There are also three other babies that are so young we can’t tell if they are a boy or girl. The two younger ones have a strange history. They each had separate moms but the moms laid their eggs together in the same nest! The moms are Olive and Star.”

Hens Olive and Star nest together in the upper right!


The two mommies don’t mind being close.


The two new baby chicks.

“If the older chick is a girl I will name it Bunny.”  

Moms Olive and Star in the nest while Mom Daphne and “Bunny” the chick (if it’s a girl) scratch in the shavings.

“Our chicken Hazel is quite interesting. She always wants to eat from our hands and enjoys coming in the house. Today when I was feeding her strawberries she attempted to come in many times.”

A offering Hazel a strawberry (which are sweet, ripe and can be purchased at the stand at the corner of Watmaugh and Arnold in Sonoma) while rooster Portland looks on.

Dissatisfied with the service she received in the house, Hazel walked back out to resume eating the strawberry A offered.

“We love our chickens, our bees, our crops. We love Trueheart!”


3 responses to “Spring in the Henhouse”

  1. avatar Vickie Bates says:

    Terrific post, “A” – you have a bright future as a blogger ahead of you.

    Wow, Bumble, Sunny, Columbus and Xavier are growing up so fast. Thanks so much for the update!

  2. avatar "A" says:

    Thanks, this is “A”. I forgot to mention this in the blog but I thought of some names for the baby baby chicks. If one is a boy I might name him Jumper cause they both can jump quite high. If one is a girl I will name it Chrysanthemum or Daisy. From So called “A”

  3. avatar Ellen S says:

    Very nice job “A”! Looking forward to more blogs from you!