Bustin’ out

Our vineyard manager came over the other day to check out our vines.  As you can see, the buds are bursting out all over – taking advantage of the stored carbohydrates in the wood.

In some cases, unwanted buds are popping out, so in the next few days, we will remove the unwanted shoots and force all the energy to be concentrated in the shoots that will be the “fruiting shoots.”  We’ll also knock off the suckers at the base of the trunk.

As the unwanted shoots are trimmed back, we’ll try to create a “wagon wheel” shape to the vine.  We want shoots to rotate around the trunk at varying heights, so that were you to look down on it from above, it would look like a hub of sorts, with spokes sprouting out symmetrically.

(I tried many times to get cool and artsy shots looking down on a vine, but mostly I got shots of my feet.  I’ll have to try again in a few months when the plants are trimmed up and the canes are grown out.  And, of course, I’ll need to bring a footstool so as to avoid displaying my feet, which diminishes artsy look of the shots.)

We are a bit cautious again this year about encouraging lots of spring growth because of the risk of getting a late spring frost, like we did last year.

So, that’s the latest on our petite sirah vines.  Meanwhile, here are a few shots of other happenings around the farm.  These lavender buds will grow into gorgeous blooms in about a month or so.  June seems to be the height of their beauty.  I’ve never harvested and dried our lavender, but I hope to this year, and I plan to send a little bouquet with every on-line order we fulfill for our wine.

Oh, I wish you could lean in and sniff the incredible perfume of these Myer lemon blossoms.

Our lemon trees are blooming like crazy and the scent is overwhelmingly lovely.  I have to start getting out some lemon recipes.

A few of our breathtakingly beautiful bearded irises have bloomed, and they are heaven.  The little bug on this bloom thinks so too.

Here’s another beauty.  Can you see what a brilliant orange the stamen is?  (I think that’s the stamen anyway.)

Finally, here is “Little Sister,” out and about for one of the first times since her four chicks hatched.  This is a very typical stance for a new Mom – she’s almost on her tippy toes she is so alert and protective of her babies.

That’s all for now!


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  1. avatar Vickie Bates says:

    Beautiful photos – thanks so much for sharing them. You’ve got so many different types of plants to tend to. How do get it all done in a day?

    And, yes, the Myer lemons did make my mouth water!