Wine As a Wedding Gift

A few months ago, we gave a bottle of our wine to Tara, a beautiful and smart young woman who worked at our local bank, as a gift for her upcoming wedding.  Little did we know that our bottle of Trueheart Petite Sirah would play a featured role in their ceremony!  What follows is a transcription of the portion of their wedding ceremony that describes how they decided to make our wine, with its very appropriate name, the first bottle they store together as a newly married couple.  They plan to open it on their fifth wedding anniversary!

What an incredible honor it is to be even a part of the biggest day of this young couple’s life.  Good luck Tara and Chad!

Chad and Tara have really grown to embrace the culture of living in the heart of wine country.  Each new tasting brings eye opening lessons on the endless education of winemaking…….. and drinking. 

Five years ago these two met in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco.

Today they enjoy spending time together in the relaxed little town that goes by the name “Slow-noma”. 

And though they have different palates, they both enjoy the elegance of a nice glass on the patio.  So it is only appropriate that they would like to consummate their love by storing their first bottle of wine together…..ONLY to be opened on their 5th wedding anniversary. 

This Petite Sirah, very generously gifted to them by a winemaking client of Tara’s, and has the most appropriate name – Trueheart Vineyard.  Trueheart is dedicated to making wine that is delicious, elegant and not for the faint of heart. 

Much like this wine, marriage is not for the faint of heart.  It must be nurtured, given time and resources to develop.  As it ages, it grows in complexity while enhancing balance.  It becomes stable, sound and smooth on the palate……through the years it mellows. 

As I stand here looking at Chad and Tara I have no doubt in my mind that this is a marriage to last decades.  Full of love, family……. and really good times. 

So in five years, they will enjoy this bottle at its full potential and look forward to storing many more for the lifetime to follow.

P.S. Don’t these stunning photos make you want to get married or renew your vows in this magical place called Sonoma? Gorgeous.

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    What a nice story! Thanks for sharing it.