My Favorites Sonoma Spots


It has been beautiful here the past few days.  I took a walk yesterday and decided to write about a few of my favorite things about Sonoma in this post.  This is the bike path, which I love.  Every day it is dotted with people of all ages walking or riding their bikes.  IMG_5257

When I want a great waffle with real maple syrup, or the BEST latte, or a warm and wonderful bowl of soup, or a big salad (did you see this episode of Seinfeld where Elaine wants her Big Salad?), I head to Sunflower Cafe.  You can bring your dog, as long as you sit in the sidewalk seating area.


It always shocks me that such a small town like ours can sustain such a huge, terrific kitchen store like Sign of the Bear. It has EVERYTHING you could ever dream of, and friendly staff to help. The rumor is that William Sonoma will be re-opening a store back in their original location at 601 Broadway. If that happens, I hope Sign of the Bear continues to thrive.


The Loop is my favorite place to shop in Sonoma. Great jeans, tops, sweaters, jewelry and scarves.  Ask for Andrea or Joene!


Anyone who reads this blog knows that Harvest Moon Cafe is our go-to spot. Chef Nick is relentlessly creative and you rarely see the same exact dish twice, which is big for locals like us.  And, his food is unexpected – another trick for this area. Last night’s dinner appetizer? Hawaiian Ahi tuna carpaccio with marinated beets, avocado, jalapeño, pea shoots, mint, sesame seeds and lemon.  ‘Nuff said.


Bram is an unusual gem of a little store. It sells claypot cookware from all around the world, as well as the best cookbooks, with an emphasis on foods from the Middle East.


Hope you enjoyed a tour of my Sonoma. Mia and I are heading home.




2 responses to “My Favorites Sonoma Spots”

  1. avatar erin says:

    Beautiful photos, Ligeia! I am jealous that the fruit trees are already flowering for you.

  2. avatar Kathy Hodson says:

    I’m off to the Midwest for a cold tour through St. Paul and Peoria, IL for family visits. When I return, it will be time to plant tomatoes and stuff. Another gorgeous spring and summer in the Bay Area.
    My husband and I want to get back up to Sonoma to visit you guys and get some of that delicious wine. Is it best to call you guys and arrange an appt.
    Happy March.