Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Grammar plate.

Grammar plate.

I have been making a big effort to spend more quality time with girlfriends over the past several months. And, a few weeks ago, my long-time buddy Janet and I loaded up our dogs and headed for Carmel for a two-day get-away. In between our hours-long talks over glasses of wine in the lobby of the deliriously dog-friendly Cypress Inn, we walked on the beach, and shopped around town.

We stopped in an adorable little home store and I found a section full of these plates and mugs with grammar rules on them. This prompted me to share with Janet how completely appalled I am when I read Facebook posts that are full of grammatical errors. I told her how often I see folks mix-up “too, two and to,” or “there and their.” I was so full of self-righteous pride in my own knowledge of grammar and distain for those who make such fundamental mistakes.

Then, we came upon this plate and my whole world imploded.

Grammar plate.

The Grammar plate that burst my bubble.

Janet mentioned that I use “lie” and “lay” inaccurately all the time. What??? Me??? Yes, you – ALL the time. You mean I just used them recently? Did I just use one in a sentence or write something in an email? No, I’ve noticed over the 19 years that I’ve known you – you always misuse these two words.

You know those moments when you are shocked into the brutal and humiliating realization that you are the pot. And you, yes wonderful, smart, bright, kind and humble you, are and have been calling the kettle black.

I bought the rest of the grammar set, they will remind me to be humble. (And to never use the words lie or lay again.)

Just between you and me.

Fewer vs. Less

You can buy these plates, or mugs here.

A few photos from our trip.

My dog on Turkish pillows

Mia is never allowed on the furniture at home, but when in Rome ….

Mia in the sand.

Mia in the sand with the Pebble Beach golf course behind her.

Mia on the beach at Sunset

Mia loves the beach.

Sunny dog.

Sunshine girl.


The end of a perfect day.

Have you been the pot calling the kettle black lately? Tell me your stories.

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