Fall in the Vineyard

Colorful fall leaves in the vineyard

Fiery fall in the vineyard

Living on a vineyard is a great fit for this Wisconsin gal. I love seeing four seasons, and while living in Sonoma means no White Christmases, I still get to enjoy distinct seasons every time I walk through the rows of vines that surround our home. Summer will always be my favorite season by a long shot, but the wild lightening bolts of color that appear in the Fall make me deliriously happy.

Earlier this month (November 11 to be exact), I took a few photos of the incredible blaze of colors in the vineyard.

The vineyard showing off leaves of red, orange and yellow.

Leaves flaming, blazing, burning with colors.

A Wisconsin fall at its most colorful couldn’t do much better than this (well, maybe, but it would be close).

Soft brown grasses, brilliant leaves on the vines, and a background of Sonoma's green hills.

Soft brown grasses, brilliant leaves on the vines, and a background of Sonoma’s green hills.

We had huge winds this week, and on Thursday, Mia and I headed out to the vineyard to get some photos. Wow – what a change ten days makes. The riotous colors of early Fall are nearly gone and the quiet November phase of Fall is here. Colors are fading, leaves falling, geese flying south, we pulled out all the summer plants from the garden, and harvested the pears, apples and pomegranates.

Dog in the Sonoma vineyard

Mia surveys the vineyard on a windy afternoon.

The recent rain (so desperately needed) and this week’s wind have joined forces to take most of the leaves off the vines.

Dried grapes at Trueheart Vineyard

A cluster of dried grapes still hanging on the vine.

Acorns on the floor of the vineyard.

Acorns from our oak trees adorn the vineyard floor.

Vineyard rows.

Mia trots through the vineyard rows.

We are praying for more rain, but in the meantime, I am enjoying each day of this season.

What is your favorite season? Tell me your stories.

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2 responses to “Fall in the Vineyard”

  1. avatar Sharon says:

    We love your photos and such cute ones of Mia. You could have been a photographer or a poet! Your descriptions are so vivid.

    Well, Dick and I agree Autumn is our favorite, but then Dick says…’every Season is his favorite except for hot Summers 🙂
    D & S

    • Actually Sharon, my favorite season is SUMMER, but Fall comes in a close second. I am working on my photos to make them better and still have a long way to go, but thank you for the encouragement!

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