Valentine’s Day Cake

So I don’t LOVE to cook, but I do enjoy baking. I find it so satisfying when someone just oohs and aaahhs over my homemade peach cobbler, or my banana cream pie, or pear and apple crisp (like I served last night to my Darling and friends).  A good meal is fun to provide as well, but somehow, dessert sighs make me happier.

Today, while perusing my Facebook page this morning, I noticed a post by Smitten Kitchen, featuring red wine chocolate cake. Did I read that right?  Red wine+chocolate+cake? Too good to be true? No. Easy. True. Possible.

I am making this cake for my Darling on Valentine’s Day. You might want to try it too. I’ll use our Trueheart Vineyard Petite Sirah in the cake and I imagine its intense black currant and boysenberry flavors will make it even better. Click on this link for the recipe:  Chocolate + red wine + cake? Yes.

A few links from around the web I hope you enjoy:

If chocolate isn’t your thing (see a doctor soon), here’s my favorite recipe for Lemon Yogurt Cake from the Barefoot Contessa.

Cat Lady for Life tattoo. Hilarious. Perfect gift idea for several friends who know who they are.

I LOVE this cowboy print and am trying to figure out where I can put it in our home.


2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Cake”

  1. Hi Ligeia,

    I love your blog. You are very good at writing.

    I also love to bake much more than I like to cook, I always have!

    Your blog on divorce was very interesting. It reminded me of my divorce and what Rita and Sara went through.

    Last night I saw the movie 20 Feet From Stardom and I loved it!!! Thank you for letting us know about it.

    Your Friend

  2. Hi Mary – I remember you loving to bake. I think you had a great zucchini cake. Glad you saw “20 Feet From Stardom” – wasn’t it great? Divorce is so hard, but often the best option. I feel for you and for the girls. xo