At My Worst

The Grinch's heart was two times too small.

The Grinch’s heart was two times too small.

Sometimes I just suck. I hate to admit it, but I am not very nice sometimes and I feel my heart squeezing down and getting small and jealous and stingy and critical and distant and petty. Ugh. Do you ever feel these things?


I have been talking about these struggles with a few friends over the past few days, and here are their recommendations:

A video on the power of vulnerability. 

Pema Chodron on opening our heart and mind.

Lessons from Mr. Rogers.

Tell me your stories. How do you handle the moments when you are your worst you?

A few light links from this Oscar weekend:

Oscar-nominated docs to look for.

Oscar predictions from the New York Times.

Recipes for movie cocktails.

Rethinking past Oscar winners.

“Muttbombing” selfies to help homeless dogs find new homes.

A two minute video on the history of the crisis in Ukraine.

Habits of super happy people.


Me at my best.

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