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T-shirt called "Into The Storm" by busymockingbird, showing a woman becoming a dragon, covered in scales, heading into clouds

Into the Storm T-Shirt

On my blog page, Trueheartgal, I have a section, called “Blog Inspiration,” where I list the blogs I visit most frequently and where I find joy, a community and  inspiration. I have found some new blogs that I wanted to tell you about in hopes that you might enjoy them as well.

Girl of a Certain Age – I am so crazy about this site that I have subscribed to the blog so each new post shows up in my inbox as an email. I actually check my email several times a day just so I can see the latest post as soon as it’s up. It’s about personal style for “women of a certain age” and the perfect subhead explains, “you know who you are.” I know who I am, and yes, I am of a certain age, and thank goodness I am finding my tribe through blogs like this one. Women who are aging but who want to stay hip, stylish, curious and relevant. The blog’s author, Kim France (Sounds made up doesn’t it? Like Stone Phillips, or Wolf Blitzer.) worked for many different fashion and music magazines over decades. I hope you give her great page a look. I found the link to the t-shirt above from her post featuring a gorgeous mug, which I love. I went to the website where the mug was featured, Redbubble, looked around and found the beautiful t-shirt.

Une Femme D’Un Certain Age   The author is 57 and has a goal of  “living a stylish, adventurous, balanced, delicious life after 50,” to which I too I aspire. She writes about fashion and travel and recently offered this brilliant gem about her 12-piece travel wardrobe and this updated list for a three week trip to Europe.  She also offers a very long and interesting list of hip blogs she enjoys.

The Grandparent Effect  I also subscribe to this wonderful blog that discusses the power of grandparents. Remembering our grandparents, and being a grandparent. I didn’t have children, but one of the greatest gifts my darling husband has given me (among many, many, many gifts), is that of being a grandparent. He has three beautiful children. And, he has seven grandchildren (and counting?) that I get to love, and care for, to teach, to share with, learn from and delight in. In addition, my grandparents left me a profound and lasting legacy of love that still feeds my soul daily.

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