Father’s Day Gift Guide

Pinhole Press bottle labels are a great idea for a homemade Father's Day Gift.

Cool stuff to make for Dad.

With June 21 just around the corner, I thought it would be timely to offer a few gift ideas for Father’s Day.

1. In general, I always think homemade gifts are the best, most treasured and memorable things to give. Along those lines, it’s super easy to compile an Apple book or calendar using favorite photos for your Dad to enjoy.  I’ve made books, calendars and cards, and they are always a hit. You will look like a genius.

2. Pinhole Press gives you a range of cool things to make for Dad, including magnets, notebooks, coasters, and soda and beer labels (see above).

3. Make your Dad a personalized post card with a photo using the Ink App. You do the whole thing on your phone or iPad and it takes moments. I just made one for my niece and it’s so sweet.

T-shirt with a map of your home state on it, from the Home-t store. This one is of New York.

Cool t-shirt from the Dad in your life’s home state. From the Home-t store.

4. How about a cool t-shirt with a map of his home state? (I just ordered one for me. Darn, this always happens when I shop for others.)

A black magnetic money-clip from Shinola that is cool, simple and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Simple money-clip.

5. A simple, get-the-job-done-but-not-for-millions-of-dollars money clip? (This would be ideal for my husband who has had several $$$$$ money clips over the years that always wind up breaking, so he’s now using a paper clip.)

6. Does the Dad in your life play Cribbage? On a lake? How about a custom lake art cribbage board? You can choose from 4,000 lakes!

Barbour's Lightweight Chico Waxed Cotton Jacket for Father's Day. Trueheartgal.

Barbour’s Lightweight Chico Waxed Cotton Jacket

7. My sister-in-law, Fif (short for Fifi, pronounced “feef,” and she’s as cute as you’d expect with a name like that), has given me several great gift ideas for my husband (her brother). She suggested this beautiful, durable and stylish Barbour Waxed Cotton Jacket. The English brand was established in 1894 by a Scotsman, J. Barbour, who imported oil cloth, and their clothes are now a staple in the outdoorsman’s closet.

Mulholland's All-Leather Angler's Bag with the shoulder strap. It makes a hip, functional and sturdy briefcase. The company is located in Berkeley, CA. Trueheartgal

Mulholland’s Angler’s Bag

8. Fif also led me to this this All Leather Angler’s Bag for Father’s Day, and my husband uses it every day. It is sturdy, improves with age and the shoulder strap allows you to tons of stuff while keeping your hands free. The company is located in  Berkeley, CA and the staff is incredibly helpful and friendly.

9. For those Dads who love beer, a membership in the Craft Beer of the Month Club delivers craft brews from around the country each month, every other month or in quarterly shipments.

10. The Artkive mobile app let’s you simply snap a picture of  your children’s artwork and the app automatically tags each image with your child’s name, grade, and date created. Add a title or description and then share the gallery with others – like Dad! When you are ready (to clear off your refrigerator door), you can turn the digital collection into a customized coffee-table book with just the press of a button.

A Father teaching his son to fly fish in a bubbling river. Father's Day Gift Guide, Trueheartgal.

Memories last forever, things don’t.

11. Sage advice tells us to “collect memories, not things,” so if it is possible, time with your Dad will be the best gift of all. Plan a picnic, a trip to an area museum, a day in the park, a walk on the beach, or a trip to your local pond or stream for an afternoon of fishing. These are the kind of things I love doing with my Dad on his special days, and it is how we make our time meaningful.

Me and my Father at my wedding at Annadel Winery in Sonoma. Father's Day Gift Guide Trueheartgal

Here I am with my Dad, as he walks me down the aisle at my wedding at Annadel Estate Winery in 2001. I love him and he loves me and I feel grateful to have our relationship.

I’d love to hear your ideas for the best Father’s Day gifts, or how you plan to spend the day with your Dad. Please add a comment below – I am so eager to hear from you!

XO With love, Ligeia



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