Happy Weekend

Trumbo. Happy Weekend. Trueheartgal.

Bryan Cranston in his Golden Globe nominated performance as Dalton Trumbo.

What do you have planned for this holiday season weekend? Mister Trueheart and I went to see the brilliant, must-see Trumbo movie tonight. This weekend, we’re going to a big six-oh birthday party and I’m going to dress up a bit. We are going to decorate our Christmas trees (His: white lights, no tinsel. Hers: colored lights, lots of tinsel.) , and we still have lots of shopping to do. Oh, and we have to clean the chicken coop.

Have a wonderful weekend, and here are some links I hope you enjoy.

Are you watching Season 2 of Amazon’s award-winning program Transparent? It starts today.

A beautiful ballerina on Instagram.

A wealth of Christmas cookie recipes.

50 Best Music documentaries. 

A lovely children’s book about friendship and loneliness.

Recipe for a wonderful dip.

15 things to learn in your 50’s.

Hotties for a cause.

Films with today’s superstars, before they were big. I want to see them all.

Little stuffed mice with their own matchbox beds. Toddler perfect.

Love yourself and teach your girls to do the same.

Why Not Me?, Mindy Kaling’s new book looks great.


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