Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms in Assisted Living


It can be difficult to find a wonderful Mother’s Day gift if your Mom is in Assisted Living. Space is at a premium in Assisted Living rooms, so extra “stuff” is out. Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with since my Mom has been living in Assisted Living:

Photo books. I’ve made several photo books using iPhoto. The process is made ridiculously easy, and Mom is able to enjoy wonderful memories at her leisure. I’ve never used Pinhole Press, but they are also supposed to be very good. You can also just go to a gift, art or photo shop and purchase an album,and fill it with your favorite photos and include your memories about what made each moment so special.

A tablet. We bought my Mom an iPad several years ago and she loves it. It is small and compact so it doesn’t take up much space. Social connection is so important, and she stays in in touch with her friends and family. My Mom has always loved technology, but even for people who aren’t tech-lovers, today’s tablets are easy to navigate. The options are endless, making them a great source of communication and entertainment.

A calendar. My brother has been making a homemade calendar for our Mom for several years, and she treasures each one. Most photo stores have websites that make putting a calendar together easy, and Walgreens is one of many good options.

Cards. Of course a Mother’s Day card is essential. If you can pull it off, have your kids or nieces and nephews (in my case since I don’t have kids) make cards by doing drawings,  paintings, or their own personal messages. If that isn’t an option, you can do it yourself. Nothing beats homemade in my book.

Flowers. My Mom has a beautiful room with a long, deep window sill, and she also has a terrific green thumb. I love giving her flowers or plants, and she gets endless enjoyment from them. A phalaenopsis orchid is always one of my favorites to send because their impossibly beautiful blooms last for several months, and in the right conditions, they will rebloom.

Candy. See’s Candy is my Mom’s favorite, and she loves their Nuts & Chews. Of course, if your Mom is diabetic, or on a restricted diet, candy may not be a great idea. You could consider fresh fruit or another gourmet snack from Harry & David. Be sure to order by May 4 to take advantage of their free shipping offer!

Your time. Of course the best gift of all, is spending time with your mother. I am heading home to spend several days with my Mom in Wisconsin, where I grew up and she continues to live. I hope you are able to spend time with your Mom this Mother’s Day.




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