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Ligeia and MiaI was born in Columbus, OH but did most of my growing up in Madison, WI. The oldest of three kids, I have always loved animals, farms and the outdoors. A dog lover since I can remember, I got my first horse in ninth grade. After graduating high school, I postponed college and worked as a rider, stall-cleaner, groom and stable hand during a bitter winter in Iowa, and then through the spring and summer at another barn in Minnesota. I went on to gigs as a disorganized secretary, retail clerk, copier at a printing shop, farm laborer, and spent many, many years waitressing. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Comparative Literature. I spent one of the best years of my life studying abroad in Bologna, Italy.

After returning to the United States with a degree in hand, I was dumped by a long-term boyfriend and wanted a new start, so I moved to Mill Valley, California, and started my career in marketing and public relations. I eventually scrimped and saved to buy my own horse and condo, where I lived happily with my two dogs.

At age 40, I met the man of my dreams (on a blind date), and shortly after we married, we bought three+ idyllic acres in Sonoma and built our home. I quit my job in San Francisco and after nearly 20 years in communications started a consulting practice which allowed me to  work from home. We planted two acres of Petite Sirah grapes on our property, and launched Trueheart Vineyard which is also home to free-range bantam Nankin chickens, bees, organic apples, pears, figs, Meyer lemons, pomegranates, lavender, olives, persimmons, a small vegetable garden and of course our dog, Mia. I still ride and compete with my horse of a lifetime Metro, and keep my retired Thoroughbred, Sweet William at a nearby farm. Thanks for joining me on my adventure. I hope you’ll share your stories.

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