Sad Songs Cheer Me Up

It’s weird, but when I am sad, listening to sad songs cheers me up. For me, nothing is sadder than a cry-in-your-beer country music song.  I love the ache of a twangy voice that cracks with pain, a slide guitar, … Continue reading


Creative again.

Last year, 2017, was a lost year for me in many ways. I honestly felt like the election of Trump sucked out all my creative drive, desire to even attempt to be creative. I know too many others felt like … Continue reading


Four Life Lessons Learned on Mt. Whitney

Editor’s Note: My dear friend Liz recently completed a 28-day solo (!!??@*!!) hike of the John Muir Trail, including an ascent of Mt. Whitney. As she told me about her trip, what really moved me beyond the sheer physical feat, were … Continue reading