Recipe for Chocolate Red Wine Cake

That cake again…

Dear FB friends, sorry for the duplicate post, but I think we have now married the Trueheart Vineyard blog with the social media world and I hope this is the only blip you’ll notice.

Remember the red wine chocolate cake that I mentioned a few days ago?  Well, you’ll notice in the photo that I made one and it is partially eaten, and I’m busy pouring the batter into the pan for a second cake.  Why?  Well, we hosted a dinner party the other night and I wanted to be sure I had enough for our guests, and leftovers for us.  Yes, it is that good.

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Measuring the Brix

Every year, as harvest nears, we go out and take a sampling of grapes from throughout the vineyard and measure the “brix” – or the sugar content. To do so, we put them in a small plastic bag and squish them to bring out the juices. Then, we pour a bit of the juice into the “refractometer” and get a reading. Today, the brix measured 16.5.

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Have you ever?

Seen such big, beautiful clusters? Our petite sirah grapes are nearing harvest.

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