Our 2013 buds “broke” open about April 4 this year. We have bud break with our petite sirah vines much later than growers of other varietals. Buds on chardonnay vines can arrive and open weeks before ours even begin to … Continue reading


Bustin’ out

Our vineyard manager came over the other day to check out our vines.  As you can see, the buds are bursting out all over – taking advantage of the stored carbohydrates in the wood. In some cases, unwanted buds are … Continue reading

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Springtime is bursting out everywhere

There is so much happening on our little “farm” during this time of year.  Our vines are popping out new buds, and spring has sprung.  It’s exciting to see the vines jump back into life again. The orange pops of … Continue reading

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