Sad Songs Cheer Me Up

Sad songs

It’s weird, but when I am sad, listening to sad songs cheers me up. For me, nothing is sadder than a cry-in-your-beer country music song.  I love the ache of a twangy voice that cracks with pain, a slide guitar, and lyrics …  and no one does it like George Jones.  Well, maybe Tom Petty does. Longing. OK, well, then there’s The Hag – yup, Merle Haggard. Bewilderment at all how it all came down. But I don’t want to leave out Vince Gill.  Lonesome. Gram Parsons and Emmylou. Keith Whitley. “There were times if you’d been around, you would’ve seen me broken down.” Vern Gosdin. “if you’re gonna do me wrong… do it right. Ralph Stanley… nothing darker.

George Jones with a guitar

For some reason these melancholy, heartbreaking tunes cheer me up. I could go on and on. Who do you turn to when you are sad?

A few links I hope you like.


This is on my reading list. I Found My Tribe.

Prince. Always and forever a 70’s girl.

The rise and fall of the once great Tower Records.

I could watch this four hour movie over and over again. Running Down a Dream. 

Rising Strong.

Sending big hugs out to anyone who needs one today… including me.






2 responses to “Sad Songs Cheer Me Up”

  1. avatar Elizabeth DeMotte says:

    A long and miscellaneous comment to your recent post…
    I love country songs — whether they’re more pop or old school. They also have the ability to crack me up and put a smile on my face, e.g. “When It Rains It Pours” by Luke Combs which now launches my daily morning walk!

    A little treasure to share: “The Secret Lives of Books” series which appeared on British television and is accessible if you have Acorn TV. Like dropping into a great book club every episode! Not to mention as well “The Art Detectives.” When you want to immerse yourself in intriguing entertainment.

    Finally, everyone has a little motivational trigger they tap into when they’re feeling blue. I’m not much of one for motivational sayings, but my little pick-me-up reminder is a poem by William Blake which is posted on my bulletin board:

    He who binds himself to a joy
    Does the winged life destroy;
    But he who kisses the joy as it flies
    Lives in eternity’s sunrise.

    Not bad I say!

  2. Dear Elizabeth – I am so late in responding to your beautiful note. Thank you! Funny, that these many months later, I am eager to find a great Bookclub, so I am eager to check out your recommendation for the Acorn series, The Secret Lives of Books! Xo