Our 14th Anniversary

Kiss at our wedding ceremony

It’s our 14th wedding anniversary today. I didn’t meet the guy of my dreams until I was 40, and we got married when I was 42. I had a long history of sad break-ups (both as dumper and dumpee) and dating mostly nice people who were totally wrong for me. Then, I got a phone call from a good friend and former roomie who said he wanted to set me up with his girlfriend’s boss. He said this guy was 50, divorced with three kids and very nice, so if nothing else, it will be a nice dinner. I said yes and thank you. The guy called and we made a date. The day of that date, I woke up with a massive migraine and was sick to my stomach all day. By the time he showed up, I was better, but worn out. We had a lovely dinner, and that night I dreampt that we were meant to be together. We were.

Our wedding picture at Annadel Winery.

Marrying my husband was the best thing that every happened to me.

Happy Anniversary Patrick. I love you. Always & Only Yours.


8 responses to “Our 14th Anniversary”

  1. avatar rose says:

    sending loads of love to the two of you.

  2. We all knew it the minute we met you
    Blessings of love.
    Caroline and michael

  3. avatar Dick and Sharon says:

    Happy Anniversary to two of the most loving people we know. You two are the picture of what true love is …..

    Sending Love
    Dick and Sharon

  4. avatar Gailya Brown says:

    What a wonderful story and beautiful photo! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Thank you Gailya, sometimes I still cannot believe I got so lucky.

  6. I am so happy you two were able to be there for our big day. You two are an inspiration. xo

  7. Thank you for the blessing of your friendship. xo

  8. Thank you beautiful Rose. xo