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It’s movie awards season! Yes, it’s the Christmas time, but it’s the Super Bowl season for big time movie lovers like me. The kick off for movie awards season is the Golden Globes, which air on January 10. The Golden Globes, along with many other award shows (Screen Actors Guild, Independent Spirit Awards, Producers Guild, etc.) are like the play-offs that culminate in Super Bowl mother-of-all award shows – the Oscars. I’ve got lots of homework to do be ready for the Globes, which entails watching LOTS of movies.

Mr. Trueheart and I watched Mad Max: Fury Road, Golden Globe nominee on Netflix the other night and it blew me away. See it. This film takes place in a world I’d never seen before (I wish I’d seen it in 3D in the theaters). It’s exhilarating, freaky, violent and mind bending. The movie takes place in the future where fuel, water, crops, and all plant life are scarce and brutally hoarded.

Golden Globe Nominees, Mad Max Fury Road

Women are farmed like cows. New mothers sit reading magazines as their breasts are attached to milking machines, and Immortan Joe, the evil overlord of this post-apocolypic world, selects the most beautiful young women to be his wives and they are stabled as breeders.

Golden Globe Nominee, Mad Max Fury RoadGolden Globe Nominee, Mad Max Fury Road, Trueheartgal

Charlize Theron, is Furiosa, a one-armed driver of a gasoline tanker for the henchman, but she veers off course.

Golden Glove Nominee, Mad Max Fury Roadimages-3

The story follows Furiosa’s rogue effort to free the Wives. It is a story about women as bad ass, fearless warriors fighting to be free in a world without hope. Mad Max, who is forced into being a 24/7 blood donor to one of Immortan Joe’s warrior, is thrown in with Furiosa and decides to join her battle. Toward the end of the journey, Max, Furiosa and the Wives are aided by the Vuvalini, a band of leathery old biker chicks who fight like hellions, and carry the treasures from the old world – seeds for planting. In this world gone mad, it is the women who hold on to hope, to the seeds, to the memory of “the green place.”

I’m still reeling from the film, and hope you see it and let me know what you think.

Mad Max – Fury Road received Golden Globe nominations for Motion Picture: Drama, and George Miller is nominated for the Director award. I doubt it will win, but I loved the ride, and I’d love to see it again (in a movie theater, with 3-D glasses). An added bonus of the movie being nominated for two of the big awards is that Charlize Theron will be all over the red carpet, and she’s a thrill to watch. Compelling stories, fashion, and stars are all part of what makes movie awards season so exciting for me.

If you want a fuller review of this movie, check out Roger Ebert’s or A.O. Scott’s for the New York Times.

In the meantime, I hope you have your Christmas shopping nearly done. If not – here’s a quick, easy and good for the world gift idea for the kids in your life. I have to do lots of wrapping and mailing today, and then set to work on baking!



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